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Thread: July GOTM

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    Comments on the builds - great to see lots of new builders and builds!

    Dedmans WL-1
    A nicely turned out axe by Deddy, a very clean look with some cool upgrades. I like the way he has rounded off some of the sharp angles and gave it a smoother look. The color finish is great and the truss rod cover is fun.
    Good to see Dedman’s colour palette branching out. Superb job as usual.
    Full disclosure, I dislike BC Rich guitars design ethic in general, the Warlock I dislike intensely. Nice finish, the customary Dedman standard has been upheld. i like the jewellery and the little touches which are very Dedman. The lilac is very fifties, not sure it works for me. I get the Theme, it does look like the love child from a sixties love in. Its very Dedman, with those nice little touches he specialises in, executed with aplomb but it just doesn’t do it for me.
    At first I was aghast, then I was totally onboard. Bravo Deadman.

    Diggydude's TL-1
    Well done to Diggy, a classy looking guitar with the gold hardware over the off white body color. An amazing job, seeing as he is still at school and it's his first kit.
    Subtle is good. A few paint issues visible on the headstock. Your name up there might have distracted from these.
    Very nice, even finish, looks as though there’s a little bubbling on the head stock but on the whole very nicely done. I do like the colour and the combination with the gold hardware, i think it works well and the white pick guard accentuates both colours. The neck finish is very slick, looks nice and fast and playable, though there seems to be a tide line on the neck heel above the pocket? I have to deduct a mark for no logo, something simple, even a signature in gold would have set off the headstock.
    Love it! Classic look, understated and elegant. I don’t think I’ve seen this finish before and you have nailed it. Well done.

    Bakersdozen's JTL-1
    A beautiful natural finish on the ash body. I like the quilted maple neck and fret board. A great job incorporating both head stock shapes into one. Very nice indeed.
    That headstock is worth a few extra points alone. A great another great take on this body shape which is starting to sway me away from hating this style.
    I love me a naked guitar! The grain filling on this has highlighted some great grain structure. The clear finish looks smooth, consistent and flawless. The scratch plate delete was a great move, freeing up more of that beautiful grain. The dual shape headstock really sets this apart, its a technically fiddly bit of work, which can be derailed by a single router bit grab so kudos on pulling it off in style. Nice simple decals front and back give it a really professional look. The neck plate delete in favour of ferrule is well done also, allowing the eye to wander through all that wood grain. Great upgrades, tastefully done, minimal bling allows the wood to speak to the beholder. Only reservation i have is the neck PUP surround, i don’t think it fits, but it was the best compromise for the P90 hole. Wonderful effort and a very high standard.
    Oh my, that is sexy. I struggle to take my eyes off what you’ve done with the Ash body, then I spot the two-face headstock. Incredibly good.

    Ozzbike's GPB-4M
    Nice work by Oz, the stains he used really brought out the grain. The chrome pick up cover and bridge cover looks amazing against the white pick guard and natural finish.
    A workhorse bass. Simple, but the ashtrays add a unique twist.
    Another amazing naked build! Once again stunning grain, tastefully highlighted, with some incredible effort in sanding and oiling giving it a magnificent lustre. The added chrome jewellery highlights and augments the wonderful work on the body finish. Nice, understated logo with a wry humour sets off the headstock that little bit. Great selection of upgrades and fittings all of which tie the Bass together really well. A really great job that should be applauded.
    Faultless. Beautiful. Seriously, who wouldn’t be drawn to this in a line of Basses at any Retail store. Well done for using the beauty of the raw kit to build a perfect Bass.

    Shambrick's TL-1TB
    The first thing I notice is the great job with the custom pearloid pick guard, such a great contrast with the blacktop, and the white binding forms a break between the top and the mahogany back and sides. I also like the name "Mongrel Bit caster".
    Love the look of this guitar, but I wonder if the pickguard could be shaped differently around the neck pickup. I be happy to own it though.
    This is a stunning bit of work, I would walk out of a store with this. Finish is clear and smooth, with shine for DAYS! The customised hardware and scratch plate make this a unique build, and the attention to detail here has been superb. Personalised logos and a wonderful finish to the headstock, really smooth shaped profile. Would have been nice to see the neck carve details mentioned as well. Like the choice of colour scheme, dark face with brown rear and natural/slightly tinted neck. All in all a fantastic job. It ticks all the boxes for me.
    Ahhh, just beautiful. No more words, you’ve done well Shambrick, I want this Guitar!

    I’ll give it a go's TLA-1
    A classic fender color "Surf mist", and the white pick guard really makes that color pop. A fantastic job done by Glynn, looks as he has just unboxed a factory made guitar.
    Sea foam Green TL. It’s immediately attractive to me, and looks like you’ve done a great job.
    A nice clean, stock TLA-1. Well finished, smooth and clear looking body, nice satin look to the neck again, clear smooth and seemingly flawless. Not sure about the head shaping, each to their own but the line seems to deviate just before the nut. I like the personalised logo, it’s a nice touch and i’m happy to see that Sonic Mountain’s design advice was uptaken. Sea Foam Green is not my favourite colour, but it fits with this build. Really nice work on a first build.
    Oh yeah! This is nice. Surf Green Tele… what’s not to like. Great job.

    Je11o26's JMA-1
    A perfect job airbrushing of Prince, it almost looks like a photo. The metallic purple is just magic with the small Prince logos on the back and pick guard. A very iconic guitar, well done.
    Undeniably well done. To me it feels more like a work of art than a usable guitar though.
    Not sure if this is a collab build or if all the work was done by Steve? SPEC-TACU-wait for it-LAR paint job. Really nice tribute touches and some serious skill on display. The depth of the flake finish is wonderful and that purple shading is wonderful. Love the logo, love the look of it, not a lot of detail on the specs or the build so kind of hard to judge. I’m going to score it [hidden by mods] /10 just because of the lack of build details.
    Yep, you’ve got my vote. A great build…. Prince… Purple… what’s not to like? Love it!

    roh's ATL-1SB
    Nice work Roh, I am a sucker for natural finishes especially on spalted maple, there is so many different colors and grain shapes which makes each one unique. The black hardware looking good with the black binding. A minor criticism is you are missing a logo on the headstock.
    I really like this. If I was going to be picky, I’d probably make the back blacker to match the hardware, but I think this a beautiful guitar.
    Nice spalt top with a nice honey coloured finish, the maple board and neck is a stark contrast which clashes a bit for mine. Body seems nicely finished looks smooth, i like the rear colour and the grain lines coming through it. Looks like some unevenness in the rear surface, but that may be down to light angle. Headstock shaping looks good, a slightly tweaked strat shape it could have used a Logo. Its hard to see the neck finish due to the lighting, it would have been nice to see how that came up. A nice tidy first build.
    Inspired choice of finish… let the Spalted Maple speak for itself… a beauty.

    Mike Gordon's TL-1TH
    A very nice, classic sunburst. A great job making the pick up rings and the control panel, then flush mounting the control panel, it must have been very fiddly. Added some after market pick ups and a Bigsby trem. and you have a great guitar, well done.
    Another unique guitar. I like the customisation. Quite fond of this.
    Some nice personal touches, the pup rings, the logo echoed on the body rear bout. Finish looks like it may have had some issues, doesn’t appear totally clear or buffed? I like the off set neck plate and the recessed control cavity cover, it gives a nice smooth face to the guitar. The LP style switch and surround should be a jarring in consistency but it actually works pretty well against the timber. I like the burst and the overall feel of this build. Another really lovely first build.
    Yep, this I likey likey. Good burst with original colours… if I ever get to play the Grand Ol’ Oprey I would like to be playing this Tele. Great build.

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    And the runner up:
    Congratulations to Shambrick on your TL-1TB...

    And the winner:
    Who can go past the awesome JTL-1 pf Bakersdozen...

    We even can hear it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brendan View Post
    And the runner up:
    Congratulations to Shambrick on your TL-1TB...

    We even can hear it!
    Well deserved winner.  448Gavmeister

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    Nice work everyone - well done bakersdozen

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    Congratulations to the winners, and well done to all the builders.

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    Oh wow, what a nice thing to wake up to this morning! This month was such an epic bumper edition, with some absolutely cracking builds that everyone should be super proud of. I honestly didn't know which way it would go this month with judging. Thanks for the great comments and I am totally humbled. This was my third PBG build, with fourth currently underway, and I am consistently learning through practice and the goodwill, guidance, encouragement and advice of everyone on here. Beers or beverages of choice all round.

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    Congratulations to all the entries, special congrats to BD and Shambrick, two quality builds.
    The standard across all of these builds was really high!
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    Brilliant work one and all, the bar just keeps going up

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    All fantastic, well done. Love the headstock, also infatuated with Thinline teles at the moment... must resist.
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    Thanks guys. A huge swag if good guitars and I'm delighted with the feedback. Build number 2 (ash strat) underway with my daughter. Straightforward except for body finishing, which will showcase the artistic vision of an up and coming illustrator / animator...

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