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Thread: Telequipment D33R Oscilloscope.

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    Buggar big time.... Good luck finding a replacement...

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    So far, I haven't been able to find a suitable replacement CRT for my D33R Valve Oscilloscope anywhere on the internet, so for the time-being it is stored safely away in the cupboard in my studio room, on the up-side, I've just been doing some searching on eBay for a good Sine/Square wave signal generator cause I need one, I managed to find a really nice looking one that will easily do the full 20Hz-20kHz audio range, and also includes an auto frequency-sweep function, I'm going to wait till the fortnight after the coming fortnight to order one, will start a thread about it once I get it in the mail.

    Last time I was in my local Jaycar Electronics store, I noticed that they still had some 100Mhz Digital Scopes in stock, what's more, the price had dropped, so starting from May this year, I'm going to put-aside some money so I can buy one for myself as a birthday present in August...assuming I save enough money, that is.
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    I bought myself a fairly cheap dual-channel digital scope last year, but have yet to use it in anger.

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