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Thread: RotoTok's First Build

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    Looks amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RotoTok View Post
    Hello, everyone!
    Thanks so much for all the advice on the glue spot. Denatured alcohol and light touch with a small wire brush did the trick. I'm ready for a final sand of the back and sides and some clear coat.
    I'm really pretty over the moon with the way the top came out. It's been a labor of love for more than two weeks!
    I think I made the right choice with the ebony neck. It looks fantastic with the black hardware.
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    I can't say i am a fan of the kit, but I love how that finish is coming along. Wonderful work RotoTok, looks fantastic. Definitely agree on the Ebony board, very good call.
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    I like this one very much.
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