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Thread: First time builder.

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    First time builder.

    Iím all ears on ideas for sequencing the build process. Did not buy hardware yet. Who are good dealers? Do I do this now or focus on painting for the time being?

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    Welcome Geordie.
    A little more info on you've got, and what you want achieve would be good. If you already have a neck & body, the first thing you want to do is make sure they fit together properly before beginning *any* painting. It's even better if you have all your hardware so you can do a "mock up" of the build, and check measurements like bridge location (for scale length); routing positions/depths (for pickups & switches & pickguard).

    As for hardware, lots of good online retailers for parts, but which is best depends on things like geographic location (postage costs) and your budget.
    Some times it's most economical to find a seller that has every single part & screw you need and do a "one-stop-shop". Other times get a bit here, get a bit there works better.

    Good luck with your first project!

    edit to add:
    Here's the link to the PBG Instruction Manual. Lots of good info there to get started.
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