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Thread: AGJM-1, neck pocket, shim needed?

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    AGJM-1, neck pocket, shim needed?


    some advice on my first build. the wood as been laying around for 3 days to adapt to the climate..
    as you can see there is att pretty big gap in the lower part of the neck pocket. The neck is flat against the bottom of the pocket, but, due to an angle on the neck, the gap is widening towards the front of the guitar.

    any pro tip on how to handle it?

    also, the gap on the sides are about 1-1,5 mm, shim needed?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Mate that's the worst fitting neck that i've ever seen. Is that stock? or did you sand it?
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    I have not touched the neck or the neck pocket, that is how it arrived.
    I guess I'll glue it flat to the back of the neck pocket, then use some putty, wood-filler etc in the gap..

    As it is my first ever build I was not sure what to expect, quality wise.. feeling a little disappointed now that I realize it is a badly made neck

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    I'd email Adam. You really want a new kit. I know it's awkward being in Sweden, but that's really not at all good. You should at least get some money back.

    If you decide to progress with this kit, I'd use strips of veneer glued to the sides to help fill the gaps. Filler is just filler, and has no structural strength, so whilst it's useful for cosmetic gaps, you want wood on wood for structural elements like the neck, especially one like yours where the neck to body surface area is quite small.

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    Thanks Andy and Simon
    I have sent a mail to Adam

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