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Thread: String volume issue - and other concerns!

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    String volume issue - and other concerns!


    First time trying to wire anything, and Iíve hit some issues.
    Can anyone help here?

    The output of ĎGí string on my current JZA-1 build has a much lower output than the other strings. This is true on both pickups. Itís also the case for the high e string, but less noticeable. Any idea how I should go about fixing that. Was not a problem I was expecting!

    My volume pit also works backwards (0 is 10 and 10 is 0). Not a biggie, but is that an easy fix.

    Iíve also failed to wire my tone pot correctly - it does nothing at this stage. And Iíve got some grounding issues.

    Lots to learn in this area!

    If anyone has a great diagram for a two p90 pickup, single volume, single tone and 3 way switch I could look at - that would be most helpful!

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    Liam - If you're able to, photos can help with wiring challenges - the guys here can usually pick a missolder pretty quick. There is also a potential that the G string may itself be a dud - have heard that happen before...

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    A pic will help. It could be that you reversed the hot wire from the pup with the unused lug on the vol pot. No ground on the tone pot might also be a culprit...

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    Low output on a single string is normally due to one of the following:

    1) String is noticeably higher from the pickup than other strings. Physical adjustment needed to bring the string down tpo the same relative height as the other strings. An obvious cause of the problem, and is going to be fairly rare.

    2) Pickup pole piece heights need adjusting. You can try raising the pole piece heights for the G and E strings until the volume output is the same as for other strings. Which again is unlikely as the main cause as most P90 sets work well without any adjustment, which makes it more likely that it's a ....

    3) Duff string. Try another string. If they are the Chinese set that came with the kit, I'd swap the whole set out right now.

    4) Otherwise there is something stopping the string vibrating properly. You'd normally hear buzzing associated with this if the string was too low, and it's also likely that the volume would vary depending where you played on the fretboard.

    But my first choice (without being there) is a dead string; at least for the G string. The top E could be a height adjustment thing if it's less severe.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Iíve been so flat out I havenít been able to try these suggestions out yet - but Iíll get back to it today and let you all know how it goes.

    Never heard of a dud string before - hoping thatís the issue!


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    Had this issue before, dodgy nut slot. changed nut out and was all good.
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    Thanks again everyone - a properly fitted the nut and put some Ernie ball 9s on it - and string volume issue solved!

    It now plays great and sound good too! Still need to fix the wiring issues - but itís playable. Iíll open her back up when I get a spare minute and post photos of my dodgy wiring and see is anyone can identify the issue!

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