Hi Folks,

New here, first kit, excited, full of questions. Looking forward to some useful info and chat.

I'm using a TL-1TB as the basis for my build, but plan to make some changes along the way.

After unboxing and inspection, I've got a few questions that I can't seem to resolve from available info:

1. Simple questions:

Scale length and fretboard radius - can't find these in delivery documentation. Anyone know what they are?

2. More complex question:

The neck sits quite high in the neck pocket - I'm guessing 5-7 mm of neck maple is showing below the rosewood fretboard. I gather this is common and many people route the next pocket, but with a bigsby kit I gather the neck pocket has a breakover angle, so not quite sure how to proceed. How much neck should show and if I need to, how would I route on an angle? Is it just as easy to route square then shim?

Hopefully you smart folks can point me in the right direction...