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Thread: Colin's Strat

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    Colin's Strat

    I had this kit sitting in the cupboard for a while.
    Finally got it out last August and started but it is only in the last month or so that I have had time to do anything much.
    A nice basswood body and nice grain in the maple neck.

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    Thought it would look nice with a golden ash stain.

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    Hit the routed areas with copper tape.

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    And found a nice pickguard to add some decent pots, switch and some Wilkinson pickups.

    The pots are both log, with a .033 capacitor on the tone pots as I find the .047 a bit muffled.

    Another small mod - I put a link on the switch so the back tone pot operates on the centre as well as the bridge pickup. I quite like having the tone control on that pickup.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Only problem was the neck sat too high in the pocket so I gradually sanded it down to have a nice action on the guitar.
    Here it is all done up. I tried to get a black back cover but alas it did not cover the routed cavity at the back. Always a little more difficult getting bits for a lefty. And no one will see the back apart from me.

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    Plays nicely and the Wilkinsons have a fuller sound than the standard kit pickups.

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    Nice looking guitar! Could use a headstock decal to finish it off. Great job!

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    Nice lefty work Colin. looks good
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    You could order a custom back plate if you want. All star plastics in Melbourne will cut it to the size and shape you provide in a pdf or dxf file (dxf lot more accurate). Can help you out with getting the file if you want

    Also like the dark scratchplate against the light stain, good finish

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