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Thread: TB-4 Soap Bar wiring HELP

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    TB-4 Soap Bar wiring HELP

    I finally got my TB-4 kit build out but Im having issues with getting good output from the pickups. The wiring diagram suggested here shows only a 2 wire pickup while the TB-4 kit comes with a soap bar pick with 5 wires. Wiring with 2 volume one tone that comes with the kit.

    The wires are:

    1 black
    1 red and 1 white twisted together
    1 green with a shield bare wire wrapped around it

    I cant seem to find any diagrams out there, anyone have a link?
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    Black = hot
    Red + white = series link between coils (leave them joined and just insulate the ends if you're not coil splitting)
    Green + bare = ground (and shield)

    Match the above to the wiring diagram with the 'hot' to the middle lug of the volume and the ground/bare to the back of the pot and you should be good to go.

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