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Thread: March and April Guitar of the Month (for Guitars and Basses finished in Feb and March

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    Here's my RC4 Rhythmplucker..

    Born 3rd February after ten months of sanding, sanding, more sanding, routing, staining, working, sanding, living, sanding some more, more staining, oiling, more oiling, assembling, disassembling shimming, reassembling, disassembling again, building, waxing, soldering... then finally playing! Build diary here

    Its a stock RC4 kit build with an Allparts Ric style bridge upgrade and different knobs as I chipped the supplied ones when I first took them off. I shimmed the neck pocket (to tweak the angle) and had to make a new scratch plate as the supplied one didn't fully cover the cavity once I set the neck in place for a 34" scale length. I finished it off with a larger truss truss rod cover from an offcut of scratch plate material with custom 3D printed logo.

    It's my first build and was unplanned as it was bought as a present for me. This forum is really great for information, encouragement and when you're unsure of anything. My main goal was to build something that was playable and hopefully gigable... then I saw a blue burst Ric which was all the inspiration I needed but took me way, way down the finishing route. That said, its done both gigs since it was finished and has become my main go to noodler too!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That is a very very nice Bass guitar you have there. I love the Blue and the build thread was a great read. Awesome weapon of lowness.
    Runner Up G.O.T.M. December 2018. MMB-5

    Winner G.O.T.M. March 2018. JBA-4

    Runner Up G.O.T.M. December 2017. BG-46

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    Here's my GR1-SF Lefty first build. Took a while to get started and settle on the finish. So glad I went with Tru Oil and the stains.
    Wiring was done 4 times! Thanks to forum for help there.

    Body Stained with 2 colours mixed from Feast and Watson Golden Teak and Maple with some black mixed in for headstock.
    with up to 20 coats of Tru-oil on body (less on neck). Face of the HeadStock I used Polyurethane to resist string scratching.
    Custom pick guard made from five layers of veneer, stained and finished with Tru-Oil.
    Upgraded Pots and caps
    Orange drop and Fidelity Upgrade.
    Bigsby Tremolo
    Roller Bridge from Real parts
    Knobs from Real parts
    Vintage braided wiring
    Really enjoying playing it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	GR1-sf_DSC8518__Sml.jpg 
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Name:	GR1-sf_DSC8488_Sml.jpg 
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Name:	GR1-sf_DSC8524_stock_sml.jpg 
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    That is very Cool Boom!
    Love the colour.

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    Here's my ST-1 build.

    Fairly stick standard, however upgrades are;
    Tusq nut.
    Tortoise shell PG
    Flamed maple headstock veneer
    Bourns mini 250k pots
    Orange Drop Cap
    Treble bleed
    Musiclily alnico 5 pickups
    Switchcraft jack
    Blender wiring
    Roller string trees
    Neck finished with TruOil
    Fretboard Dingo Wax

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	_K6A4683.jpeg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_K6A4684.jpeg 
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    Some more pics
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_K6A4686.jpeg 
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Name:	_K6A4687.jpeg 
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    Hah, I'm a sucker for that colour combo Bakers Some great looking guitars in here this month.
    Build 1 - Shoegazer MK1 JMA-1
    Build 2 - The Relliecaster TL-1
    Build 3 - The Black Cherry SG AG-1
    Build 4 - The Sonicaster TL-1ish
    Build 5 - The Steampunker Bass YB-4
    Build 6 - The Howling Gowing ST-1

    "What I lack in talent I make up for with enthusiasm"

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    Final touches done today.
    TL1-TB Kustom
    Kustom ordered with double binding and the thumbnail markers ( ordered white factory guy's head exploded and I got black).
    Built during a very trying time in my life so it's far from perfect. Duesenburg trem, tuners, knobs and switch top. Bridge is a Vibramate with Goto compensated brass saddles. bridge pick up is a Tone Rider Hot classic, neck is a GFS rickenbacker voiced Retrotron which splits on the volume knob.. Pick guard is my own design and first attempt at cutting one from scratch. Nut is bone. Paint is auto acrylic, pale blue front and back, white on the sides, neck is done in Tru-Oil
    Sounds great, nice to play. The Duesenburg trem is a vast improvement over the original Bigsby, not sure, why maybe a softer spring, certainly more adjust-ability in the arm but strung with Ernie Ball Paradigm 9-42's the trem is just so touch sensitive. Love it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ttl1-full.jpg 
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ID:	30229   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ttl-body-close.jpg 
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Name:	Ttl-back.jpg 
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Name:	Ttl-hs.jpg 
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    Build 17 WL-1 Kustom
    Build 16 TL-1TB Kustom
    Build 15 PBG-2- Finished
    Build 14 FTD-1Finished
    Build 13 RD-1 Kustom
    Build 12 DM-1S Finished
    Build 11 MKA-2 - finished
    Build 10 Basic strat finished
    Build 9 JM Kustom finished
    Build 8 FV-1G finished
    Build 7 ES-2V finished
    Build 6- Community prototype 4 finished ( 3 times!)
    Build 5 LP-1LQ finished
    Build 4 ES-5V finished
    Build 3 JR-1 finished
    Build 2 GD-1 finished
    Build 1 TLA-1 finished

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    This is becoming a stacked Guitar of The Two-Months competition! So many awesome builds. Everyone's colour choices are looking great.

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