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Thread: How to wire JBA-4 Bass pickups?

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    How to wire JBA-4 Bass pickups?

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if I'm going to be wiring my JBA-4 pickup right? This all came from the kit so I'll have to refer to the wiring diagram on the PitBull website (I don't know which on is the live or ground).

    So according to the website above, I would wire the white sheathed wire (see below) to the bottom of the knob, which leads to the ground at the bridge, and wire the unsheathed wire to the pins?

    Just trying to discern what the guide is saying and confirming my interpretation, as it's a bit vague (or I'm just stupid). If you need me to post more images feel free to ask, though they'll probably imgur links as I can't seem to upload images straight from my laptop onto the forums...

    Thanks in Advance!


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    The bare wire that forms the sheath around the signal wire always goes to the back of the volume pot. The signal wire with the white insulation) is soldered to the central lug of the volume pot.

    Note that on the volume pots, the lug shown folded back to touch the pot casing should also be either directly soldered to the pot casing, or (if the lug isn't long enough to easily reach the pot casing) a bit of wire should be soldered connecting the lug and the pot casing/ground. I've never seen the pre-wired parts on one of these kits so don't know if that is done for you or not.

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    From memory JB control plates usually come pre-wired so all you need to do is attach pickups as shown in that diagram and also run an earth wire up under the bridge. Best to strip back about 2 cm to sit under the bridge and remember to 'tin' this bit too.

    Cheers, Waz
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