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    Morning, Was thinking of building a Bass as my next project and have been looking around the store for an RC-4, no where to be seen. Did I miss something, have they been removed or am I just going blind?

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    I know they were on back order for a while - there has been a bit of a run of them of late. I suspect Adam has taken it down to get a chance to catch up on existing orders.
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    Has there been any update on this yet? I'd love to do one of these as my next build.

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    Guns 'n' Guitars (Dan Thompson on YouTube) has a 'gift away' that will be completed when his YouTube channel hits 100k subscribers (I'm not a subscriber, I don't have a YouTube account). He's currently at 91k subscribers, he advised the competition in a video in advance of hitting the 100k mark. It dropped yesterday. One of the prizes he's giving away is an RC-4 kit.

    Dan has done build videos of both an RC-4, and a GR1-SF, both sourced through The Fretwire. He has regularly referenced that both kits are available through Pitbull (he always speaks very highly of the quality that comes through The Fretwire, and appears to hold Pitbull in the same high regard - but using The Fretwire because he's in Arizona, not Australia).

    In Dan's 'Gift Away' clip (released yesterday), he has reported that The Fretwire - the other place that carried this style of kit - has taken them down from their site and noting that they're 'not available' from Pitbull. His statement was, "You can't get them anymore and I'm guessing that's probably 'cos of a lawsuit." That's around 20:30 into the clip. Perhaps they're unavailable worldwide for that reason? I hope not (they look like a great kit). But Adam would obviously know more than us.

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    I think it's more the risk of a lawsuit, rather than an actual one. But Rickenbacker are very hot on legal challenges.

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