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Thread: bits unknown, what's it do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benderson View Post
    I was assuming if i measure either side of the neck i could use that as the centre, does that work for the body?? i don't know. thanks again.
    I see it this way. The body does not have a centre line. Only the neck has a centre line that is extended by the builder to cover the body. Any line used for centring on the body, and used for assembly in a neat row the parts on the body, needs to be in line with the neck centre line. By moving the neck back and forth (up and down when in the playing position) the neck centre line can be aligned better with that assembly line on the body, however if the two cannot be overlapped then adjustments need to be made to the body assembly centring line so that the two lines overlap.. It is your job as the builder to decide what if any adjustments need to be made in both neck position and to items fitted to the body so that all are 'in line'.

    In my case I considered that the location of the bridge was of paramount importance relative to the neck. Those two had to line up perfectly, with aesthetic considerations dealt with as best as possible. The bridge must be the correct distance from the nut and 12th fret for intonation reasons. The bridge must be on the neck centre line so the strings are neatly aligned over the fretboard. So in reality there is only one place the bridge can be relative to the neck, hence the issue is finding that one spot on the body when the neck and body are together and making it work. I took the view that the body itself and pickups and pick guard are of almost secondary consideration when compared to bridge and neck positioning....

    The neck centre line is a virtual line that runs lengthways down the middle of the fret board. Easiest way to bring this out is measure and mark a mid point on the nut (between the D and G strings), and measure and mark a mid point on the fret board at the heel of the neck, then draw a line between those two measured points and then extend that line out over the body. .. Typically, if the neck was constructed correctly, the neck centre line will traverse across the middle of all the single marker dot inlays on the fret board, and be directly over any truss rod adjustment point, and when the guitar is fully assembled will by extension go through the mid point of the bridge.
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    great stuff thanks Marcel

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