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Thread: HI from NZ

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    HI from NZ

    Greetings guitarheads.

    Just joined the forum and once we move house later this year, I'll be pulling the trigger on an SG kit. I've never owned one and a Gibson SG was the first decent electric guitar I every saw in real life. A mate from high school had a '61 style in transluscent cherry. Hopefully I'll have some good news to report (and pics to prove it) in a few months.

    I'm thinking something like this:
    (That was created at ... a great online builder tool for SGs and Les Pauls.)

    I have a horrible/delightful feeling that this could be a gateway drug. I'm assuming it doesn't stop at one guitar.
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    Kia Ora Bro, kits are like Tim Tams, itís impossible to stop at one! Look forward to seeing your SG evolve!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlairLSKiwi View Post
    I'm assuming it doesn't stop at one guitar.

    Oh! And welcome Blair.

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    Welcome to the forum Blair.
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    Welcome to the madness.

    I've been in NZ for the last couple of weeks and head home to Sydney today, you live in a very nice part of the world

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