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Thread: New Chapter in my life TL-12S SMV

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    New Chapter in my life TL-12S SMV

    Still a bit reluctant to start so been looking for a way to practice stuff when I remembered a had an old strat copy that was given to me years ago. I remember stripping it for some parts to help out a mate. The neck was all twisted. I kept the body incase I wanted to fix it, never happened. went looking for it, found it thought this is a waste of time anyway start sanding it & its ply!! not only that, at some point it's been worked on before, a few times. It was black when i got it, turns out it was a candy red & originally a clear varnish? the body shape has been well sanded never notice it. its been a great little step forward testing my patience building this wreak. its playing but i think the frets need to be levelled the intonation seems ok but some notes don't sound right. I've named it the "F---'N Disaster" so many things went wrong & i was told to take it slow now i know why.
    pulled to hard on decals

    snapped machine head screw.

    Too many things to list went a bit south, patience is key.
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