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Thread: Starting JMA-6 Baritone Guitar build

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    Hey man, sorry to bother and get in the way here so weirdly. Im trying to find the spot where to hook the damn earth wire to the bridge (what bridge, the pick up or the bridge itself). Can you help me out? Also, what type of pick up to 5wayswitch connection did you choose? did it work right?

    Thanks mate

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    Reply to CirusP .....

    Mate, the earth wire just connects to one of the bridge posts (not the pickup). (See attachment "Pit Bull JMA-6 Baritone Guitar Kit Wiring Diagram".) When I say "connect", I just mean that it's kinda wedged/jammed into the bridge-post hole so it's making good contact with the bridge metal. As far as the 5-way switch goes, I opted for a typical Strat style (Tone 1 for the neck pick-up, Tone 2 for the middle pick-up i.e. no tone control on the bridge pick-up. (See second attached PDF named "Wiring Options".) .......... The end result? I wasn't deliriously happy in that the supplied pick-ups are fairly rubbish in fact, the tone controls make little difference without major movements. I've thought about retro-fitting better pick-ups, but I also own a fairly expensive baritone guitar (Danelectro) that I use for performance, so, as the Pit Bull is just a home practice unit, I've not done any more to it at this stage. Were I to build it again, I think I'd outlay for decent pickups from the get-go. .......... Happy to help with any further questions, although I warn you that I'm definitely not an electronic guru I'm a muso who just got this kit to teach myself a little more about the finer points of build and set-up. Baritone isn't my main instrument I mainly play acoustic / solid-body / bass / mando, so baritone is just an occasional novelty for me.

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