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Thread: Finishing Paint - HELP!

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    I personally sand in between coats of paint with 600, it's just on the verge of being too smooth for painting but also rough enough to actually remove material/paint. Your prep work makes up for about 80% of the end result and the actual process of painting, wet sanding and polishing is the remaining 20%. Adding the clear is kind of the same as adding colour or applying primer, it's just that you'll need waaaaaay more coats of clear then you'll need of colour and primer. There's some extra things you'll need to do after applying the clear but I won't elaborate on that just yet.

    Also, I'd recommend sanding again with a lower grit e.g 400 so that the paint really sticks, 1200 is a bit too smooth.
    Thanks for that. I'll go back over with 400 just enough to provide a good base for the primer to stick, as i don't want to take too much off given its basewood (not that i've sanded too much as it was already in good shape when i got it). Then i'll get my first coats of primer / filler on. I ended up getting the SCA Primer Filler, White and Clear cans last night :-)

    I just need to setup a good place to spray now :-)
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    Phrozin recommends only dry sanding the primer coats (and he normally recommends 6 coats). You can start wet sanding once you've got a your first set of three colour coats on.

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    Thanks Simon.

    Tapped the body today and will finish off the 400 sand tomorrow and put my first coats of primer / filler on, supper excited! Thinking of Teak Oil for back of the neck and back of the headstock. What do you think? Get that shine without a huge gloss finish that can be sticking on the hand.
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