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Thread: help with Thinline telecaster kit TL-1TB

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    help with Thinline telecaster kit TL-1TB

    Hey guys, this is my first time posting. I am working on my second PitBull kit, it is a thinline telecaster TL-1TB. It just arrived and I have started working on it. I am to the stage of marking out where the bigsby will go, and I could use some help. How far away should I place it from the saddle? I have made a center line, so left to right I am good, just not sure front to back. Also, how what size bit do you use to predrill the screw holes in the neck, to bolt it on to the body? Thanks, and I am looking forward to checking out this forum.

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    Google thinline TL-1TB and there should be a few examples.

    I literally finished mine yesterday. Picture here.

    I am going to update the last post in the build diary soon.

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