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Thread: G-style bridge post center finding tool from the country boy catalog.

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    G-style bridge post center finding tool from the country boy catalog.

    I have been looking for a way of finding the dead center of the bridge posts on a G-style 3-point bass bridge. I had the same problem with mounting a two point bridge earlier.

    Templates are fine, but they vary quite a bit. Also it's better to use the bridge you are actually putting on your axe, so that measurement from the 12th fret lines up with the treble side saddle precisely. But how to find and mark the dead center of the hooks for drilling the posts?

    After trying a bunch of things that did not work as well, I had an idea today that made me feel really dumb for not having thought of it earlier. It combines the use of two high tech materials I call a "nail" and "some masking tape." Wrap the tape around the nail tightly until it is just as wide as the inside of the hook. Mark the center with the point of the nail. Eureka! Shouts Captain Obvious.

    Think I can sell the idea to StewMac?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great idea, you’ve just invented the Erlwine post locator . Available at Stewmac for $45 and $235 shipping to Australia 😀

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    You can then simply hammer the nails in for the bridge posts.

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