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Thread: TL-1tb “Baritone” - 1st ever build

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    If you are not pleased with the colour, you can always sand it back a tad and then on your next coat, cut back the yellow to 30/70 or 40/60. The fretboard is trickier, but if you lightly sand it back you might be ok as it is. Just lightly.
    awesome thanks mate, might have to give that a try next time!

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    Don't think you need to worry about the neck as the colour on it looks good. Body is a fraction more yellow but swapping ratios should help. If you have some scrap pine it could be a good idea to do a few test samples to work out the mix you are happy with.
    For binding that can be scraped off later. Alternatively applying a really good painter's masking tape helps to make binding scrape a whole lot easier once all layers of finish have been applied. Fiddly job no matter which way you go.

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