Trying to find a hard case for an Explorer Bass, EX5 in this instance, was extremely difficult due the odd angular shape and overall length.

Searched online everywhere, went into several local music stores, and nothing seemed to be big enough. I did end up discovering one of the Dean oddball Bass models was a similar size and case was big enough but there were none available in OZ plus Amazon and US retailers would not ship outside of their country.

Contemplated building one out of ply wood but as these Basses are heavy enough on their own, the two combined may have become extremely heavy. A custom made aluminium flight case crossed my mind until I found out how much they cost. Even looked at 88 key Keyboard cases too until I struck up a conversation with another forum member based in US who had also built an EX5 and he suggested a gig bag.

More online searching found an eBay seller located in USA and here is the link.....

Thankfully exchange rates were more favourable when I bought one a couple of years ago.Click image for larger version. 

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As there is nothing readily available to fit an Explorer Bass this is as good as it gets. Padding only feels about 5 mm to maybe 10 mm in places. It has an inner reinforced section above where pickups may be situated. Also has 2 pockets on the front plus backpack type straps to make it easy to carry on your back whilst carrying other things such as an amp with your hands.

Cheers, Waz