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Thread: St-1M wiring

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    St-1M wiring

    First build and first attempt at wiring .
    I've looked in this forum and online and found close wiring diagrams but can't find the exact model . My
    My strat has a yellow wire that is coming directly from the centre tagon the volume pot there is also two black wires that are soldered onto the back of the volume pot could someone please tell me where these go I appreciate it very much in advance . Sorry for being such a newb
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    Don't apologise. Always good to ask first.

    Wiring diagram for ST-1M can be found at

    All the wiring diagrams are on the Pitbull site -

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product - do you have a build diary?

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    Yep noob questions are always welcome. That's what everyone is here for.. we were all noobs once
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    Thanks for your help o got it sorted , I've taken pics along the way I shall make a diary soon , cheers fella.

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