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Thread: Commercial Quality Control

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    Funnily enough, my genuine 2013 Gibson USA Les Paul Studio has at least one issue which I think is due to less than good quality control, the high e-string seems to be closer to the edge of the fretboard than the low e-string, note this is an instrument that I paid Au$2000.00 for.

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    I tried to aim the camera as close to 90 degrees to the centreline of the neck as I possibly could, it's possible that either the neck was glued-on slightly crooked, or it is being pulled sideways by the string-tension, or the bridge mounting-stud holes are a bit off-centre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Barden View Post
    As I said in my post, Ibanez have been guilty of a lot of terrible QC issues recently, so don't assume that because it looks pretty, all is right with the guitar. Check for over-rolled frets, badly skewed necks and big neck pocket gaps. My mate also mentioned issues with some of the trem set-ups (I think one was quite skewed). Not saying they are all going to be like this, but really try thoroughly before you buy and put on your 100% objective glasses.
    i actully purchased a new ibanez iron label last week my god was covered in black stuff a big hunk taken out of it a huge score down the back luckly i got it from a guitar place on ebay, i emailed them with pic's the same day it arrived they didn't even bother to answer the email after a week i got on to ebay, 6 hours after i did the guitar place rung me today with how sorry they were (yeah right) so ebay emailed me later today after reading the email and pic's i sent the guitar place with return post paid lable to send it back and refund my $2k back to me,

    Not all guitar places do dodgy stuff like that on Ebay a few weeks ago i purchased a new Ibanez steve vai jem (the white one) and it was perfect, i guess being in a chair i cant even get in the front door at guitar places in Adelaide so i either haft to arrange for home delivery which you cant try before i buy or i buy a lot of my gear on Ebay ill give a shout out to belfield music in NSW who are great i purchased a Marshall DSL20 head on monday night and was here today all boxed like it should. If ever you buy anything on Ebay pay with paypal and you wont get ripped off

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    I'll just play the devils advocate here and while agree there is no excuse for obvious flaws, having been in online and real world retail literally since I was born I'll just say that people can expect an awful lot from a mass produced item. When I was selling high end pocket knives I'd get guys wanting to return a knife because the blade was off centre by .02mm, yes it was a $500 pocket knife, yes it was also produced in a factory that had an expected quota of finished items for the staff to produce daily. I think that what happens is people see custom made very high end items online, gear that has taken a single craftsman weeks to produce, then expect the same level of fit and finish in a mass produced item. You get what you pay for for, if you want perfection be prepared to pay a luthier or custom shop prices. I have only bought 2 new guitars, a Korean Gretsch and a Japanese Fender neither is 100% perfect but for the prices I'm amazed at the quality. So yea, there will always be those Monday morning or Friday afternoon guitars that slip through QC with a fault but a realistic expectation of what you are going to get for your money goes a long way.

    My biggest gripe with Ebay sellers is the old click bait/up-sell ploy. They advertise an amp or guitar for a good price, then after you buy it they message that their stock count was wrong and they don't actually have one, but can offer $20 off a higher priced item. Some will also say it might take a week to process your refund. Don't fall for it, demand the refund immediately or you'll report them to both Ebay and consumer affairs. I've had this done to me twice with big online stores and my nephew had it done to him by one of the same stores, so it's obviously their standard mode of operation.

    edited to say I once had a guy send me a photo he had taken with a MICROSCOPE of the tip on a knife blade showing it had minuscule scratches and demanding a refund because it was "faulty".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dedman View Post
    edited to say I once had a guy send me a photo he had taken with a MICROSCOPE of the tip on a knife blade showing it had minuscule scratches and demanding a refund because it was "faulty".
    Urgh, what a d**k. I've known people like that, and I'm certain they woke up looking for something to complain about. One lady in particular made my life a nightmare, but I think she was using it almost like a procrastination tool - like if there were all these issues in her life then she couldn't possibly get on with the job
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