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Thread: ES-1 strap button position

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    ES-1 strap button position

    On ES semi-hollow body guitar photo gallery I see some with the top strap button on the top corner of the body as it would be placed for a solid body electric. Others show the button on the solid core centre line or neck. With a screw lenght of 18mm I would assume there is insuffient timber behind the top body corner so should the button be place on the solid centre line?

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    That's the best place. It's also where Gibson put their strap buttons on the 335. There's only the thickness of the ply side on that top horn, which isn't enough to secure it firmly over time. I know the ES-1 is a light guitar, (it's about half the weight of a real 335) but there's still a lot of strain on the buttons when playing.

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    Yep, the risk of a tear out is way too high plus it seems to be better balanced with strap button located in centre line at back of neck (same place as on SG too).
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