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Thread: August GOTM

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    Some incredible axes entered this month, invaluable to keep a build diary and awesome save from Waz.
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    Pitbull Guitars TL-1 (Just arrived)

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    GOTM is now closed. Will have a new one up soon and will send out invites to the cruë to review!

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    Wow some fantastic instruments here!
    Loving the two basses as well a the wolf guitar PBG 2
    The semi hollows have wonderful grain too, classic looks and top quality.........
    A very hard pick, I'm glad I don't have to do it!

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    And to the comments - apologies on the delay - life's gotten away from me over the past few days...

    Curtwo’s PB-4
    Love the simplicity and classic nature of this bass – looks like it’d be a cracker to play.
    I hate bright green. But I love this bass! Classic example of things being done right being able to over come personal taste. Would have liked to have seen a headstock decal but other than that I can't fault it.That green just works so well.It's a clean green bass machine.
    I like the very different colour, nice smooth expanses of sparkly green indicate some serious effort on prep. The neck seems glossy and smooth with maybe a couple of areas of concern (might just be lighting. A really clean and crisp effort, a subtle green on green burst that highlights a wonderfully bright paint job. A nice personalised logo or headstock decal wouldn’t have gone astray here, but otherwise a unique and beautiful bass guitar.
    Love the colour. The finish has come up great.

    Je11o26’s PB-2
    Amazing artwork and has worked well in with the hardware nicely executed.
    You have to be so careful airbrushing onto a guitar,it's so easy for the hardware to break up the picture, the black hardware really saves the day here.I have to give the artist credit for coming back time and time again or maybe Jello's a really big guy and very pursusive!Anyway it was worth the effort, again a headstock decal would have been a nice finishing touch.
    A colossal airbrush job on this, not sure I’ve seen it’s like in the forum before. A great collaborative effort in problem solving over the finish and a stunning result. Love the depth in the colour on the rear and the added flake. The neck seems well worked and simple, though again a little ornamentation with a logo, or maybe a TRC change out might have helped Bling it out a little. Well finished and a wonderful gloss to it as well. I’d honestly be scared to play it too hard and risk damaging that artwork though.
    A work of art in more ways than one. Really glad it worked out in the end. I might be too scared to actually play it though.

    BigPidget's PBA-4
    Classic, black (ish) and a P Bass. Nicely done. Can see where things haven’t quite worked out, but a great learning opportunity. Well done!
    Pretty fine job for a first build. I like the combo of blue/black, yea, shame about the few scars but to quote Apoo from the Simpsons "Every bullet hole is a badge of honour!" or in this case, a lesson learned. Very nice upgrades and I bet she sounds great!
    A good honest first build attempt and a testament to how the best laid plans go awry and something else can result. I can see the intent with the inky, not quite black, colour scheme and full block out. It seems that there were a number of issues with fitting and finish but on the whole the effect is cool on a sort of weathered relic fashion. And it plays great and sounds cool apparently so mission accomplished!
    I like how the grain is sneaking through the finish. The back does show some of the “lessons learned” though. Play it a lot and it will earn some serious relic cred.

    cristof72's ES-1Q
    Lovely depth in the quilting – you’ve done a nice job and it’s good to see you’re happy with it. Overall looks like a great guitar.
    If I were a better swimmer I'd dive straight into that swimming pool top.Gorgeous colour! The upgrades, wow, so many options, obviously a well planned out build.Something , something something....head stock decal.
    Lovely adaptive mods with the piezo and it’s own little controls recess in the back. Would really love to have seen a build diary on this one and a sound demo. The blue has brought up the quilted top really well and the brown/blue combo works well. There appears to have been some consistency challenges in the finish on the rear though. I’m not sure of what has gone on with the rear of the neck, it seems a bit dull by comparison to the body. On the whole the package looks good, from the photos, the finish doesn’t seem as glossy as it could be? A really great job though and a wonderful personal adaptation. Like the personal TRC, though it could have used a good silver or gold logo on the headstock.
    The inventiveness of the battery cover is great. Unfortunately the close up photo shows some issues with the finish.

    blinddrew's ES-5V
    Love the elegance of this guitar. Simple and understated. Love what you’ve tried with the scratchplate – just doesn’t gel as well with the rest of the guitar for me.
    LOOK! a headstock decal ! LOL and I like the name.Nice little truss rod cover although I'm not sure about the pick guard, maybe too dark against that beautiful natural finish. Nice upgrades, I bet she sounds sweet! Simple is often the best.
    Love this guitar, the personal finish touches; pickguard, knobs, TRC and brand logo stand out on a superb blonde finish. The gloss and it’s smoothness are a testament to some painstaking work in prep and subsequent smoothing of clear coats.
    Nothing flashy, just clean simple good looks and hard work. The only potentially detracting features for me are:
    the pockmarks in the fretboard, an unfortunate discovery with the new Blackwood boards, but live and learn.
    The shape of the knobs themselves. Perhaps a simple barrel or speed knob type might have gone better. Wonderful job and a stand out for me.
    A blonde beauty. The finish looks great & the pickguard & truss rod cover are inspired.

    Wazkelly's ES-1
    Classic red and shiny. Great job! Hope it has had enough time to cure properly in NZ!
    Along comes Waz and proves you CAN make a silk purse from a sows ear. Great rescue job on this. The choice of colour is a classic and gleams as typical of Waz's builds.Nice upgrades, another gem for the collection.
    An absolute stunner, especially given that it was a rescue job.
    A gorgeous colour under a ripper of a clear coat and a stupendous gloss. The care and attention taken to detail to pull this one off is monumental. This guitar appears without flaw or fault and it would be a certainty for me to pick up and play in a store
    A lovely, shiny, cherry red semi-hollow. Classic!

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    And the runner up - congratulations wazkelly - your recovery job looks stunning!

    And the winner - congratulations blinddrew - your extra details like handmade knobs and pickguard made this a standout this month.

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    I'm gobsmacked. I thought Cristof or Waz would surely take this one. Thanks very much everyone.

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    Congrats Drew and all other entrants. Plenty of good axes again this month.

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    Congrats guys, a tough month to judge.
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    Sorry, that was a much more dignified response from Waz.
    Ahem, seriously well done to all the builders, more gorgeous guitars are being built here every month.
    Excellent work everyone.

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    Heh, don't worry man, easy to get caught up in the excitement. Well done as usual to the winners and everyone who got a guitar up.
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