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Thread: fret buzz

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    fret buzz

    So got the bass all set up neck glued on, bright on strings on. Ive been working on tuning ect, but i get fret buzz on the 2nd and 3rd strings on 1st and 4th are fine so far. any thoughts.

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    Have you checked the neck for straightness or done ay kind of fret levelling/dressing? So far all of my pitbull kits have required at least some fret work to get a nice action and remove buzz.

    You can make up a straight edge from a bit of aluminium flat bar. Mark up the fret locations and file a groove so that it can sit over the frets on your fret board. Similar to this (this is for guitars, but the principle is the same for the bass):

    This will tell you if the neck has any back or forwards bow.

    Make sure all the frets are properly seated, a tap with a soft mallet is usually enough to get them in properly.

    Then you may need to look at doing a level and dress of the frets. This is easier if you have a radius block and fret file, but can be done with some basic tools if you are careful and patient. Some good discussion here:
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    You might need to check the saddle heights on the bridge, potentially the saddles are in a flat line, you may need to raise the 2nd and 3rd string saddles to account for the board radius.

    If not, check your nut and the flatness of the board to see if the issue is caused by faulty nut or by hacking back bow on the neck.

    Have you done a fret level check?

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