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Thread: First Build: TL-1HA "Aquamarine"

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    Wink First Build: TL-1HA "Aquamarine"

    So.. This is all new to me. The forum, building, and even playing guitar. I doubt anyone will read this much, but I figured making a thread to keep up with me putting this together isn't a bad idea, and will help me remember what I'm doing.

    Little bit about me: Just a young bloke, grown from a musical family. Dad sings, and has been playing guitar and performing for yonks. My sisters are both self-taught vocalists, play piano and some guitar. They all play a lot around family and friends and I guess are casual performers. I'm not so much, have played a few instruments but only picked up dad's old acoustic and really started playing at the beginning of this year, and so the torch was passed on. I got this PBG kit for christmas/birthday and am keen to get cracking and see where I go.

    Starting to plan where I go with this build and I'm keen to get working on it, so I'm simply starting with some research and reading on common tele designs and and where to get started.

    If anyone reads into this thread and has any advice or suggestions at all, please let me know, I appreciate any input here hahah. Here we go.
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    Welcome Aboard Notorious.

    Good kit to start with, I did a TL-1 recently, you can click on the link in my signature to see what I did. Don't be afraid to ask questions and float ideas, everyone is helpful and easy going here and there is a focus on being positive and constructive in comments.

    If you'd like a different method for putting pictures in our posts you can try hosting on Imgur:

    There are other ways of doing as well, so just a suggestion.

    Have fun and keep us posted on your progress.
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    I was actually looking at your builds just before, had a look through new posts. I can't wait to get started. Love the colour of your Shoegazer.
    It's cool to see so many enthusiastic people on here. Thanks for the suggestions, and looking forward to getting involved. Cheers.

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    Welcome on board mate, first up, do a mock build and check your scale lengths to set your bridge position.
    You’ll also want to check the neck fit and alignment, to make sure that your neck pocket sets your neck up straight in relation to your bridge.
    Once you have verified that the neck sits straight and that you can set up the scale length right, then it’s time to start the REAL fun......SANDING!😁👍🏾
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    Welcome along! Looks like a nice kit, they all are! Remember to take your time and ask lots of questions.

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    People here are really helpful. Ask plenty of questions.

    Also, look through other people's build diaries (even of different models). You will find lots of great advice, especially when people run into a few issues. You will find things to avoid, and also some techniques etc that you may want to incorporate into your build.

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    Just started one of these, french polished to keep the natural look. Will be posting some pics soon. Looking forward to following your build. Good luck.

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