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Thread: G'day from Newcastle

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    G'day from Newcastle

    G'day all,
    Been wanting to make my own guitars for some time now of course I gravitated towards neck through type guitars and basses like Carl Thompsons with ebony heel blocks etc. all which are completely out of my skill level. So I decided to take my head out of the clouds and have a look at a kit type build to give me a start.
    After a bit of research I found that Pit Bull Guitars with their guarantee, reputation and great support and forum would be the perfect choice for my first build.
    I'd been lurking about here for sometime researching the ins and outs of building a kit guitar when I stumbled upon Dedman's DM-1S build and fell in love. I loved the simplicity of it's looks and the use of the Motherbucker and switching system to really make use of it and that babygrand bridge. I was sold!
    So I've purchased a DM-1S kit and, I hope Dedman doesn't mind, will be modeling mine much the same as Dedman's creation I might at first set it up with the p90 but love that motherbucker it's just the wiring for such a set up scares me a bit.
    I'm sure I'll probably have plenty of questions for you lot as I get into my build I've already learnt a lot just from lurking it seems like a knowledgeable and helpful bunch around here.

    Cheers Browns

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    Welcome to the madness Browns. You hit it on the money with the DM-1S, its a fantastic looking kit. Post up all your questions and include Pics for the bits that stump you and someone will come a running.
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    Welcome Browns! Dedman's DM-1S is an awesome looking axe, they say imitation is the greatest compliment.

    Once you get the kit, make sure you hurry up and slow down.
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    Thanks guys,
    I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions to ask as I get into it and will certainly be taking my time.
    I thought why not do it the same as the bloke who the kit is named after and it suits my style might go with a lighter stain though

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    Welcome BW I havn't had a look at DM's kit but I might just do that after this post. As Swanny says don't get tooo excited, and ask all the questions you need. There's always someone here to give great advice
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    Welcome Browns

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    Welcome Brownsworthy. Cant wait to see what you do with the DM style kit
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