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Thread: Nut for jza1

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    Nut for jza1

    Hi all.

    I purchased and built a Jza1 a while back.
    A very nice kit indeed. As usual I made a bunch of up grades locking tuners, dimarzio humbucker, upgrade pots and cap.

    I ran into a problem when I went to replace the nut with a tusq nut.

    I ordered the nut that is listed as fitting Strat, Tele and jazzmaster. I expected to have to file the bottom of the nut using the sand paper on the fret board trick, however when the nut arrived it was too low straight out of the packet. It would have the strings sitting right on the fretboard.

    Has any one had this issue and solved it either by buying a nut made for a different guitar or is an improvised shim the only work around?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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    Hey man, yep I had the same problem. Check my build diary link below. I've since decided its wee bit high, so I'm going to refine it further. It is annoying you cant do a straight swap to the strat nut.
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