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Thread: PBG Instruction Manual version 1.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk3377 View Post
    I see nothing about the SH-1 headless guitar. Iím having installation problems with the bridge, and have nowhere to find information that will help me finish it. It would be a big help if that type of guitar had some type of instructions in the build guide. Thanks.
    Ask your questions in the general forums.

    We new and inexperienced builders are very lucky that there are a whole raft of experienced builders and luthiers who love to help out.

    Just ask, no question is too simple or too hard.

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    I just spotted this on page 26.
    Capacitors: .022 caps are used with single coil pickups and .047 with Humbuckers.
    I reckon it should be the other way around.

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    Thanks for all the work you have put into the manual and videos, they are really helpful. I have an ST12 and it came with the tremelo springs but it is not a tremolo bridge nor is there a cavity in the back of the body. I assume you just simply screw the bridge in place. Hope this makes sense.


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    Hi Clare some photos of the guitar and springs are helpful.
    Sounds like you scored some spare parts though. This sometimes happens.
    So long as you have the right bridge then it is okay.

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    Is there a problem with the site? Downloading the Instruction Manual does not work. Tried two devices.

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