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Thread: J-Man's First Guitar Build: MK2

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    J-Man's First Guitar Build: MK2

    I just got my Pitbull Guitars MK2A kit and I couldn't be more excited to get it started!

    I plan on upgrading most of the hardware and pickups from the kit so I hope that doesn't make this build more complicated than it needs to be considering that this is my first build. I will be gathering all the necessary components as I go along but as of now I have already decided on upgrading:

    - Stock nut to a bone nut provided by Pitbull Guitars
    - Stock tuners to Grover 406C Mini Locking Tuners
    - Stock Tuneomatic bridge to a Schaller Roller Bridge.

    Other upgrades that I am considering are:

    - Stock stop tailpiece to Gotoh Lightweight Aluminum Tailpiece
    - Stock pickups to a single coil and mini humbucker that I haven't figured out just yet
    - Stock potentiometers and 3 way switch to higher quality ones

    As far as finishing goes, I am considering shooting it with Nitro but I haven't settled on that yet either so I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

    I am going to prepare my workspace in my garage and hope to get my mock-up done this weekend before I start sanding like a mad man. I will be posting pics and updates of each step as I go along and am open to any and all critiques and suggestions that the guitar building community may have so don't be shy to share you opinions!

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    Welcome and good luck with your build, I love mine.
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    Hey ho, let's go.
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