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Thread: Maple Fretboard Staining

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    Maple Fretboard Staining

    Hi DB,

    I am hoping to stain a maple fretboard a little bit, so it's consistent with the DT acacia staining of the headstock and back.

    Is this advisable?

    I feel if the fretboard is colourless then it will seem too pale compared to headstock.

    Unless, does the DT Wax darkens the fretboard?

    Part of me is thinking going rosewood, but I already have a couple of rosewood guitars and am thinking of a change in scenery..



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    You could try staining the fretboard, but I don't know how well it will stand up to playing. You might get a rapid relicing effect on the fingerboard once you start to play the guitar.

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    Personal preference but I firmly believe all maple boards should be finished in some sort of lacquer, poly, varnish type stuff. That's how Fender made them for more than 65 years and still good enough today.

    This also helps seal in any tint or stain colour too. I would use whatever product applied to back of neck and headstock to keep things uniform.

    DT Wax looks like really hardened or solidified vasoline in the container and therefore has very little colour. Mind you, I have only used it on Rosewood boards and does a great job making them look moist and shiny which in turn also means darker. Not sure it would look as good over raw maple.
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