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Thread: Something rare... Denim & Pearl Tele

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Barnes View Post
    Great to have someone else play a guitar you made you can tell by the the look on there face if they like it
    Certainly is.... and when you ask them 'Tell me what you think of it? good and bad, be brutal', and the worst is that the denim on the back of the body sticks to your shirt so the guitar doesn't move about like every other guitar does... for me there is a certain validation in that at so many levels...(check the video as Brian has to lift the guitar away from his chest to move ...

    Yeah, and the neck PU is more a jazz players pickup and not so much for Blues lead and replacing it with a 'twisted tele' would make it shine, and it needs a string tree on the high E and B strings which I didn't originally include as for my playing it didn't need one ... but the setup is great, and for vintage frets it's quite a quick and easy neck to play...

    All were comments which I thought were totally fair...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcel View Post
    Well, we had a real outing....

    A few emails, A trip to Melbourne, A 2.5hr drive across Melbourne traffic from Hoppers Crossing to Ferntree Gully... and I finally go to meet a dude who I hold in high esteem. While he himself couldn't play my build he convinced his bandmate to give it a go...

    Anyways, I video'd it, and a very Bluesy sample is here..... Enjoy...
    Dang thatís tasty....

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