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Thread: Glue Spot Fix

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    Glue Spot Fix

    Hey folks, I've received an email from a customer who is very disappointed with his kit, as it had a number of glue spots that did not show up until he was almost done with the finish.

    I know there is a lot of info (tips and tricks) to expose and remove glue spots, but, as our customer suggested, it would be great if this was clearly signposted on the Forum; like, "How to find and remove any glue spots from your kit".

    This thread should be a Pinned post in this Forum, at least. Plus, I can ask Dedman to include in the instructions he's working on.

    Can anyone here point me to the relevant Glue Spot posts, so I can compile into one thread?

    I found the one by DB, for identifying spots, but the one Gavmeister did seems to be linked to the old Mingle Forum

    I would appreciate your help with this one



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    The trouble is that sometimes it's impossible to get all the glue off. You'll continue to get complaints (and rightly so in most cases), until the factory can up their production techniques. Even if it costs $20 a kit price increase for the factory to take more care and guarantee a glue-spot free kit, it would be more than worth it for peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

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    Thanks Simon, I don't think there is anything more I can do to raise the issue with our supplier. They've promised to work on it, and, hopefully, the new kits we receive will be glue-free. There will, however, still be some kits here, from past shipments, which will have glue spots, so a thread focused on solutions for glue spot removal would be handy.

    Maybe there is one, but I couldn't find it.

    If there isn't one, perhaps we can put one together.



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