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Thread: PBG-X1 Demo

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    PBG-X1 Demo

    Had another Red Dog rehearsal and remembered I had one of the new PBG-X1 guitars in the van. So, I took it out for a spin and was really surprised how playable it was straight out of the box... only a quick tune up.

    Couple of the frets were a bit high, as was the action, but nothing a 15 minute set up won't fix.

    It was so much fun to play... the Mahogany body and neck means it is really light (compared to my Ash Tele) and you can really throw it around.

    Not completely sold on the single bridge humbucker, but it sounds way better than my $800 (Chinese) Grestch Jet Pro, which now resides permanently in its case.

    I might try a Tonerider AC-2B in there or an Entwistle Dark Star.

    Here's the quick warts 'n all iPhone Demo just to give you an idea of the sound (yes, with only one volume control you are going to need an EQ pedal or rack, which I didn't have with me that night).



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    No shortage of mids there, eh!! I agree; some sort of tonal jiggery-pokery would help but, gee whiz - looks and sounds pretty damn epic!!
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    sounds good Ads, were you wearing your ugg boots or was too warm ? haha
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    thats excellent!
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    Agreed, it does sound pretty nice.

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    That is a really great rock guitar. It looks rock too!

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