Not me for a change but a mate in Adelaide, his words & pics below

No matter how old you get and how many times you are told some people do stupid things. Like me! Needed to do a bit of cutting underneath the car trailer. Out with the angle grinder, lying on the creeper cutting away and it jammed and spat out. Hit me on the jaw and across the throat and the tangled in my jumper. Slid out then had to pull the cord until it came out of the extension cord. Felt my neck and there was plenty of blood, but, not spurting. Went off to the local clinic who sent me off to emergency at the Wakefield street hospital. Had a look in a mirror. Bit of a deep cut in the jaw. Will x Ray to see if it hit the bone. It went across the throat across the voice box and a bit beyond, but not too deep thank God. Will be spending the night in Hospital and getting stitched up. Have just had needles stuck in my arm and Tetanus injection. Have been told I am to have surgery.
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