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Thread: GR-1SF - wiring before attaching neck?

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    GR-1SF - wiring before attaching neck?

    Is there any advantage to attaching the neck of a GR-1SF after installing the wiring? I saw a video on YouTube where someone took that approach, but they didn't say anything about it specifically.

    Would it make the wiring easier to install by having access to the interior via the neck slot and neck pickup hole?



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    Will make it easier . I built mine with the neck on and used some draw wires to pull things through. Was quite tedious
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    I haven't built a GR kit but I have built a semi hollow body and did my electrics at the end. Yeah it was a bit fiddly but you can use some plastic tubing (like Gavs tutorial) to pull the pots etc through or a bit of fishing line. It helped going through this because i had to do it like three times to get rid of the bugs so i got better at it.
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