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Thread: IronGear Pickups

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    Yeah, on my first build, second build and on my sixth build. Though to be fair, on the first I only removed the first and 24 frets to drill a small locating hole for re attaching the board.
    On the others I'd done it for the experience as I was stripping those boards to replace them any way. (Build 2 is an SV-1 that comes with the full on Steve Vai flowery inlay all the way down the fretboard, build six, somebody had tried to get a 24 fret board by grafting a 24.75" scale neck onto a 25.5" scale body set up.)
    You can get the frets out easy enough, it is doing it without chipping the board that's the trick. Getting new ones in is my current fun and games.
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    Yep. Sounds good to me. I'm going all in and having a crack!

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