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Thread: post conecting top and bottom

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    post conecting top and bottom

    dear all,
    just received my ES 5V guitar kit.
    why if it is made out of ply, supposedly stronger than timber, does it still need a heavy post under the bridge connecting top and bottom?
    thank you.

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    Not sure on that one Rafael. I've never looked inside mine. Maybe an easier/ more economic structure for the factory?

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    Possibly a sound post? To help transfer vibration to the back and boost volume?
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    More than likely it is a mixture of many reasons.
    As Andrew mentioned, it would definitely be a cheaper alternative to bracing like found in an acoustic guitar.
    Since the originals, and many high end ones made now, were carved out of solid timbers for the top and back, there would be more built in rigidity using a solid top, than using a pressed into form ply top. I don't know if the carved hollow bodies also have a large central block in them, so I'm only guessing.
    You also need a solid structure to support the bridge. Sure, yours has a trapeze for it, but there is still alot of downwards pressure on the bridge thanks to the strings, and that needs support underneath it.
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    Didn't someone have an issue once with the bass strings pulling out the bridge posts on their semi-hollow build?
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