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    wiring help

    Hey all. First build and first post. Was hoping to get some guidance on the wiring/soldering of my EX-5 5 string bass. This is my first build and am not too experienced with the soldering of the pickups. The wiring diagram has me confused as colours on the diagram don't match with the colours of the wires on the pickups. The pick ups are humbuckers. Does anyone have an actual schematic of the wiring that they could pass on please (or any guidance that would help me). This is for a school project that is due in a couple of weeks so I want to make sure it is all finished and working to be able to test. Thanks

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    Hey Cam, best thing to do is to take a quick pic of the wires actually coming out of the pick ups, and one of the electrickery gurus will be able to steer you right.
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    The wire colours from the factory tend to change with different kits and production batches, but the 4-wire humbuckers are often:
    Green & bare = ground (& shield)
    red & white = link between coils (twisted together and tip soldered together)
    black = hot

    If it matches the above you can just use the PBG diagram, connecting the black as you hot and green/bare as the ground to the back of the pot. Put some electrical/insulating tape on the red/white tip so it can't short with anything. The pickup with the longer wire is usually the neck pickup.

    If you're still unsure, as Frankie said, post some pictures of the wire ends so we can see the colours etc.

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    Hi guys. Here is what the wire ends look like.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    So it looks like what Scott suggested in terms of colours. Thanks a bunch - muchly appreciated

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    I have the same build project going. I have all the wires soldered and am getting a terrible buzz. I checked the wire to the bridge (soldered the tip, scratched the back of the bridge and used tape before refastening the bridge). I then re=soldered the ground wires from pot to pot. This sounds terrible. all the wires look right. Any tips on trouble shooting?

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    That type of hum can often be caused if the hot and ground are accidentally reversed on the output jack lugs. So that’s the first thing to check. A bad ground solder point or stray wire strand brushing a ground connection/shielding can also cause buzz/hum, so go over everything and double-check there’s no dirty looking solder points, wires strands or stray solder etc.

    If you still can’t find the cause then posting some clear photos of your wiring is the best option as someone will usually be able to spot if/where something is amiss.

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