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Thread: First Build - All Mahogany RC-4 Build!

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    First Build - All Mahogany RC-4 Build!

    I pulled the plug and ordered a kit from Pit Bull Guitars last week. I ordered a custom kit (go big or go to Guitar Center, right?). I picked an RC-4 bass since I want to buy a traditional Ric bass someday. Then I got to thinking... I'm going to buy a real Ric down the road. Why not just make something completely different? How about an all-mahogany set-neck Ric, with an ebony fretboard without inlays, and a 5-hole Fender-ish bridge? I always liked those all-mahogany Gibson basses, so let's go for it, sure.

    The kit is ordered, it'll likely be here at the end of June, or in the first part of July. I'm in the process of ordering parts when I can find them. I'll be posting updates as parts arrive, and when I get the electronics figured out. I just wanted to get this thread set up.

    My plan is to use 4-wire humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions and use a series/parallel toggle for each pickup, stereo a la rick-o-sound, and a Hipshot Kickass bridge. I want to see how those "Creative Cuts" fretboard inlays on eBay look, maybe the lightning bolt ones similar to the Angus Young SG inlays... all brainstorming.

    Let me know if you have pickup suggestions for an axe like this, and what colors you'd recommend (leaning towards cherry red or natural brown stains from Crimson Guitars). I'm looking into a Duncan NYC Bass pickup for the bridge, in particular, and maybe a Strat-size humbucker in the pickguard in the neck position.

    This is what I have mocked up so far:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sounds like a great plan.. can't wait to see it come to life..

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    This looks great, rich warm mahogany tones
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    Great idea - will look classic

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    Ok boys, I have a predicament. Mahogany coloring.

    In the images on the PBG website, I noticed the mahogany kits are made from wood that looks a bit lighter than other mahogany I've seen. Does the imagery just make it look lighter than it is? Or is the mahogany sourced for PBG just naturally lighter? I'm wanting to order the stain this week, but I want to make sure I get one that'll look good with the kind of wood I'm ordering. I want to use Crimson Guitars' "Stunning Stains", seen here.

    What to you all think? What are your experiences with mahogany from PBG?

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    Hey Elcodyloco, I wouldn't say the PBG mahogany is that light in colour, it's a medium brown colour raw. What stain colour are you thinking ? It normally suits darker stains from red, browns to black. Out of basswood, ash and mahogany the mahogany is the darkest timber
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    I was considering cherry red, black, purple, or just using the finishing oil over the wood by itself if I get a good grain in my order.

    Black is more to cover up possible rotten grain patterns the best I can, since I know a ric bass and a black finish go together like China and copyright infringement. Though with an ebony fretboard maybe it would look really sleek and kinda badass in black... I just dunno how the grain would look since this is my first mahogany guitar project.

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    Alrighty, most of the parts are ordered. I ordered a Rickenbacker treble assembly from pickguardian (the RPUP/RPUG set) cut for a single coil pickup, so I'll be throwing a rail strat pickup down there. I'm going to use Crimson Guitars' "cherry red" Stunning Stain. One last thing to figure out now... the neck pickup.

    Anyone who's built an RC-4 before- is the neck pickup ok? Or should i try to cram another pickup in there? I want to tgrow a Gotoh mudbucker in there if there's room for it. Project should arrive in the next 2 to 3 weeks, so I want to work on the wiring before then.

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    I have the CC stickers on one guitar. They look great, and people often ask me where I got the "custom work". Theyre a little surprised when told theyre just carefully applied stickers.

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    Havent had one peel or fray on me, if thats what you're wondering, and Im pretty rough on fretboards.

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