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Thread: Cheap fret crowning file - any experience?

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    You really want the file radius to match that of the frets. I've got a set of three crown files of different widths to match the frets on different necks: The majority of frets seem to be around 2.5mm in width. I've used the 3mm one on a Fender Tele with really fat wire, but apart from a mandolin which the 2mm came in handy for, I've used the 2.5mm the most.

    As has been said, for the price, it's worth a try, but I'd check the width of your frets as that file has a 3mm cut-out and you'd probably benefit from a slightly smaller file.

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    I bought this one, takes 3 different sized files, compact, works fine and Aussie seller:

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    I was going back through this post, as I needed to crown some frets. I got one of these "Baroque" crowning tools after watching this vid that preceded this one:

    I definitely have the 2nd generation...mine was purchased a few days before he posted this 2nd video on this crowning tool. I have used it on a few builds and it's been fine, although I don't really have anything to compare it to, since it's the only tool I have used for crowning. Not sure if this is what you get if you order one now, or if they have taken some of the GNG guy's suggestions, but posting FWIW.

    "Baroque" is a funny name for a tool for frets IMO. I supposed there are some fretted lutes from the baroque era, but most of the string instruments I think of were fretless...

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