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Thread: Upgrade to JCustom FX bridge

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    Upgrade to JCustom FX bridge

    Hey there:

    Does anyone know anything about changes that would need to be made to the SH-1 kit in order to replace the Overlord of Music bridge (r-trem style) with a JCustom FX bridge? I am being told you need a shim, but then the guys at headlessusa where I got the FX are telling me there is a bit of routing needed to make it fit. Hoping someone on here can help me with this. I think it will be worth the effort to do this upgrade for sure.


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    Assuming the bridges are the same shape (I am not familiar with their exact properties) do a dry fit and go from there - piece together the kit and make some measurements etc...
    Main considerations will include bridge saddle height and saddle position
    Of course this means you have to commit to getting the bridge, but that sounds a bit like a given anyway.
    Plent of members have had success retro fitting non standard parts - like genuine bridges on RC kits, but you really need them in hand to decide the best course of action.
    Good luck, we are here to help

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