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    Well said gents.
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    Hey, sorry I only just saw this, I think that's a great addition. Will add it to the To Do List.

    Nice work Nitroburner1000!



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    sounds good to me

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    This looks great I haven't bought a kit, but it sounds like you talk to the customer well. I'm intrigued simply reading it!

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    I think Simon Barden got it right when he said that not all of the instructions are on the website. When I started my first build I thought I would find the answers within the PBG site forum. Like Nitroburner suggested, many of us 1st time builders may be a little shy, thinking that most people on the forum are 'experts' so I actually found more information on You Tube about various facets of building the guitars, particularly videos covering the soldering part of the exercise. Personally I think there might be too much emphasis on the finish & how the guitar might look instead of encouraging first timers with the technical tips like how to line up the neck or how to get those pesky pots inside a hollow body. I have now built 3 kits & the thing I remember most from the outset was Adam Boyle saying 'they are not IKEA guitars' That stayed with me throughout each build, especially when I was having problems trying to do certain tasks.

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    Hey Dougr, how's life in Albany? I visit every couple of years (I have pseudo-relatives there) and always have such an amazing time.

    I really appreciate your feedback and it is very timely. I think about our Guides and Instructions every day, 'cause I know that the video instruction section needs updating.

    Most of the videos on our site were made when Phil W and I started this business in 2012. Back then, DIY Kits were still kinda new and there weren't many suppliers. We made a few videos for the processes that didn't seem to be covered, but now they look so dated and amateurish.

    My dream is to remake every video, with the knowledge we have now AND add the videos that are missing; like setting a glue on neck.

    BUT, making videos is a huge undertaking... scripting, approving, set-up, shooting, editing. It's so expensive in time and money, if you want to do it properly.

    I take on board your comments about the Forum; being shy and maybe feeling awkward about asking questions. I think this applies to all Forums, no matter the subject. I'm not sure how to overcome this.

    I do send customers, who are having issues, to the Forum and, mostly, they seem to go to the Forum resolve the issue. However, I can imagine that some are just too intimidated to follow through.

    So, the answer is to have more and more self-contained video and PDF resources on the site. This is my goal.

    Like all good things, it will just take time.



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    I have a suggestion. There's several formulations of Goof-off.

    I'm sure novices (like myself) would appreciate if you'd specify which formulation to use.

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    awesome, it is nice to meet you.
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