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Thread: Guitar - Body only

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    Guitar - Body only

    Couldn't find any reference in the FAQ
    Pitbull sells separate necks (I have a strat and tele)
    but no separate bodies.
    Is there a reason (i.e. not a lot of interest)

    cheers, Mark.

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    Hey Mark, send an email to Adam (address on the Pitbull website) and he should be able to sell you a body only
    Current Builds and status
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    JBA-4 - assembled - final tweaks
    Telemonster double scale tele - finish tobacco burst on body and sand neck

    Completed builds
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    MK-2 Mosrite - assembled - play in
    Ash tele with Baritone neck - neck pup wiring tweaks and play in

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    Lots of people already have Fender style guitars, and the neck is the most likely thing to get damaged or twist and become unplayable. Or you might have a maple fretboard but want rosewood (or vice versa). Or you might feel that it's too club-like and want something thinner, or that it's too thin and you want something fatter. Or you've cot a C profile but would like to try a neck with more of a V profile.

    If you want a new guitar body, then you normally want to put together a complete new guitar, so you might as well buy a complete kit. Or if you want to upgrade your guitar body, then you'd probably be looking at the more bespoke guitar body makers using higher quality timbers with better matched wood blanks than the ones that come in the kits (which are very good value indeed, but you'd never call them 'premium' quality, for which you'd be spending at least another A$300-$400 for an unfinished body alone). Out of the 50 or so guitars I've ever owned, I only once felt the need to replace a body.

    So that's why (IMO) there's generally a lot more demand for replacement necks than a replacement body.

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    Thanks for the responses. Yes I guess it's more likely that if you need a body it would need to come with some hardware.
    A neck would be considered an expendable item due to relatively cheap replacement.
    I'll probably keep the spare ones handy until bin night comes around.

    cheers, Mark.

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