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Thread: Weird Price Issue

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    Weird Price Issue

    Has anyone spotted this Glitch in the Matrix?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've heard of price gouging but that is extreme.

    The TL-1TB is AU$199.

    We've narrowed it down to our Currency Converter extension (for WooCommerce) and it seems to only happen for people using Internet Explorer.

    We've had one customer from the US with this problem and another from NSW (I think) just yesterday.

    Our IT Guru is scratching his head, as we got our friend in Australia to copy the page source (running the page) and that showed the correct $199 price.

    We are stumped. We can't repeat it ourselves, so it is only happening under certain conditions.

    I really don't want to get rid of the Currency Converter as it is a great tool and one of the reasons we get so much business from OS.

    So, has this happened to you?

    If so, and you can repeat it and send us a screenshot, like the one above, we'd like you to get in touch and maybe you can help us resolve this issue.

    Edit: if it is happening, int will happen on all prices, all pages, not just the TL-1TB.



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    GAStronomist Simon Barden's Avatar
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    Works OK for me but I'm using Firefox on Win 10.

    Forced myself to use Edge but it also works on that OK.

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    No issues on latest Chrome & Firefox (Linux)

    Sent from Lineage OS 14.1
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    I tried it (normally I use Chrome not IE)

    WIN 7 Pro
    IE 11
    all updates are current.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have saved the HTML for this page & can email it to you if required.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I can confirm that the price for the kits is displaying correctly for me, I'm running Windows 10 Threshold 2 64Bit, and I'm using the latest version of Firefox to browse the all good here Adam.

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    GAStronomist Simon Barden's Avatar
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    You never know. You might get someone buy a kit at that price and then you'd make a nice little profit.

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    If we sold one a week at that price I might actually get some money out of this.

    It does actually show and charge the correct price when you hit the "Pay" button, but I guess it's putting a few people off, pretty quickly.

    I think we're getting closer to resolving this one... just a glitch with the Currency Converter plugin and something else on these few customer's computers.


    Thanks all for letting me know you're not seeing the anomaly.



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    Looks like it might be a conflict with our Currency Converter and Ad Block (or only Ad Block Plus).

    Those weird prices show when you are using Ad Block Plus in Internet Explorer. When you turn off Ad Block for Pit Bull Guitars it does not show the weird pricing.

    I think Darren has it sorted, we just need to find someone to test it, as we can't repeat the conditions here.

    Thanks for your input.



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    sorry I only use Firefox (with adblocker)
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