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Thread: Our new home

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    Our new home

    Big news from PBG HQ.. we finally have a new HQ!

    Phil and I have been looking for a new home for PBG for a while and we finally found a cool little warehouse, that's not far from where we both live and has space for everything we sell... plus a table tennis table!

    No more working from our cramped house and two storage units.

    We're moving in tomorrow and hope to have everything ready to go from Monday.

    Here's a few photos:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This area will be a retail space... down the track.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    VW Caddy for scale.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Aus Post van can drive in to pick up our orders

    Can't tell you how happy we are to have everything in the one location. Plus, there is plenty of room to grow our business... amps, acoustics, pedals and heaps of new kit models.

    Onward and upwards!



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    Excellent, a new base of operations with room for the future. Well done... and the party is when?

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    Yes, there will be a warehouse warming in the very near future... all are welcome, if you can make it to Bayswater Western Australia.



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    Great to see!

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    Very cool guys..very very cool
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    It's great to see that the business has outgrown your homes.
    Enjoy the new digs

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    Excellent News. Great to see a Local Business doing well. Lucky I made one less item for youbto move...
    Maybe a Pool Table to replace the ping pong table though. The felt is softer for inspecting kits on ... Tax deduction right there....
    Seriously though , Good luck Rock!!!
    Ps . I expect to see pics of GOTMs on the walls.....

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    Nice stuff guys, I guess I'll have to come over to visit my two eldest boys and the grandees again.

    Eldest granddaughter lives in Perth and will be 21 next valentine's day so maybe I'll get an invite to a party

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    Guess I'll have to find some time this year in between studies to pop over and take a look?

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    great news Ads, looks like there's plenty space and bonus you can load and unload the van inside the warehouse.
    Look forward to the warming party, I will be there with bells on and running the NW bar !
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