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Thread: Gibson Burstbucker 2 & 3 equivalents

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    Gibson Burstbucker 2 & 3 equivalents

    Hi Everyone,
    I am planning to build an ES-1TL kit to be similar to a Gibson Dave Grohl DG-355. The DG-355 has hot Burstbucker 2 and 3 pickups in the neck and bridge respectively. Can anyone let me know what would be the equivalent in the pickups from Tonerider, Entwistle or Benson?

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    I'm only familiar with Toneriders, but I would say the Rocksongs are a close equivalent to a BB2 and the Generator is closer to a BB3.
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    However I would advise some caution. The PBG ES1 kits are a lot lighter-built than a Gibson 335/355 and so despite the solid centre block, they acoustically resonate at much lower volumes than a Gibson.

    The BB2 and BB3 are 'slightly' overwound compared to a Gibson Classic 57 set (a decent medium output PAF copy), but not by much.

    I set up someone else's ES-1 with Tonerider AC4 pickups in, and they were very powerful - too powerful for the guitar IMO. I couldn't get a clean sound on a Fender Blues Jr as they just had so much output and I couldn't get the volume high before it was howling uncontrollably. I'd have certainly gone for the ACIIs had it been mine.

    From the description of the BB2 and BB3, I'd say that a set of Rocksongs would fit the bill, as they are slightly overwound versions of the AC2 - their closest PAF equivalent. I feel the Generator would be too powerful for the neck position. Fine in a solid body, but over the top for a semi.

    The Benson equivalent would probably be a set of Custom Classics. Alnico 3 (the weakest Alnico magnet) but overwound to compensate.

    Entwhistle seem to either do a vintage PAF style (HV58), or else go for a lot more powerful pickups, with nothing in the slightly hot area.

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