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Thread: How to put decal on Wallpaper

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    Question How to put decal on Wallpaper

    Im wallpapering my guitar so how could i get an Ibanez logo on the head stock...? I was thinking of maybe making a stencil and spray paint it on or something and i don't want a water slide decal because you can see the plastic.....

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    mindis - we'd always recommend steering clear of trademarked / copyrighted brands on kit guitars - I know that it will be for personal use, but some on guitar sales forums (especially down the track) tend to get a bit tetchy even if you acknowledge that it's not original.

    Any logo that is complex - e.g., words would be difficult to spray - especially if you're new to the game - hence why people use water slide decals. I engrave my logo - others have had original truss rod covers made - really there are a range of options.

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