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Thread: First Time TL-1L build (Natural Finish)

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    hey Zeus, you can timbermate the neck but the maple grain is much tighter and doesn't really need it. See if you can fill the cut mark that is too deep to sand.
    You may have seen Perry Ormsby builds headstocks in a similar shape, really narrow in profile but he uses carbon fibre to strenghten them - I think I read that somewhere
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    I filled (timbermate) and sanded the front of a tele headstock yesterday, worked a treat.

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    Zeus, nice original headstock. Yes be cautious about sanding more away from the thin part of the headstock though the maple is quite strong. Looks like you should have enough meat on there for strength. The real test is when you string it up!

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    Great headstock Zeus, it does look a little like the Ormsby signature shape. Very cool. Hopefully it will stand up to the string tension. The rock maple is pretty damn hard so I'm pretty confident you'll be ok.

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    Thanks guys, I'm sure it will be alright.
    I was sanding the body till just after midnight last night, its really starting to rub up smooth. 240 grit this afternoon, and then ill try the Timbermate, (thanks Wokka for the ''how to'')
    Any recommendations on a good thin or satin finish clear lacquer to put over the top?
    Ive had some experience with timber stains and varnishes when finishing drum kits, but I've never found a natural finish that I have liked the look and feel of, so perhaps just a clear lacquer over the top of the natural grain.
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    Welcome Zeus, nice to see another lefty on board.
    You could try a satin wipe on poly, a satin acrylic, or even an oil based finish.
    A wax type finish might work very well also, contact DB and see if his Dingowax will give the result you are after

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    Yesterday afternoon I used the timbermate on the body of the guitar.
    today I started the sanding. Unfortunately the grain has not taken the timbermate well. and looks really muddy and gross.
    the timber has gone fluffy and im pulling my hair out just trying to get it back the way it looked. what a catastrophe.
    will keep sanding as I really want a natural finished tele, it may end up being solid colour for this one.
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    Another picture of the body.
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    The fluff might be from the water mixed with your timber mate, the water will raise the wood fibre and they will need to be sanded

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    Hey guys, Been a while Since Ive posted an update on my build.
    After sanding the body back to bare timber, I decided on a different approach. Feast Watson choc walnut stain and varnish. I found it really tacky and hard to spread, and I was a bit heavy handed. but Alas after sanding back the first coat, I was presented with a blotchy, uneven colour that I quite liked. tossed up weather or not I should just put a top coat over it, Then decided another coat would be worth the trouble.
    I also had the idea to sand back the edges of the body to bare timber to give a of a clear ''imitation binding'' effect.

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